The Deep WellThe Deep Well

‘Ian is interesting, knowledgeable, informative, creative, very challenging (but supportive), very objective; and extremely honest – with me as well as the business. His integrity is unquestionable so you can trust him completely when he takes you on that journey to dig deep and really think about YOU and the company.

You always emerge looking through a brand new lens, suddenly very clear on what you need to consider, what you need to change.

He just “gets it” and creates the whole deal – for you, with you, inspirationally and with a great sense of humour.  It is hard work, mentally exhausting, but good fun, and you will have a great time as everything unfolds.

bibbyYou not only secure growth and a great future for the business but you also become a better person by taking the journey. I took up the challenge twelve years ago. I still go back, as there is so much more to give and so much more to gain.’

Miriam KOLLER, Global HR Director